Windows is an efficient operating system. However, the longer...

Windows is an efficient operating system. However, the longer your computer stays online, the slower your softwares get. After several hours, your computer gets slower and slower.

One of the reasons is the memory management of Windows. Parts of the softwares or datas are loaded in the random access memory (RAM) of your computer, and when this memory is released, Windows fragments the RAM.

Although it tries to free this memory, some part of the unused memory can stay unavailable or simply, Windows does not release memory quickly enough.

In two cases, Windows relies on a trick to meet the needs of those softwares that ask for more memory: it simulates the memory on a hard disk or on any other component (for example, an USB key).

This 'fake' memory is far slower than the real RAM of your computer (sometimes more than 1000 times slower), which in turn slowers your softwares.

RamWizard is what you need. RamWizard, through a recurrent analysis of your computer's RAM, defragments and quickly releases the unavailable RAM for your softwares.

Windows is quickly given access to the maximum available RAM, thus making your computer more efficient. RamWizard is not the only software able to solve this problem, but its main assets are the following:* an ability to run on poor hardware configurations* no useless graphical effect* a simple menu and a configuration with a single window* a permanent display of the available memory (RamWizard does not have anything to hide)* statistics available for consultation anytime* the ability to free part of the useless files on your hard disks (old temporary files and emptying of the recycle bin) when RamWizard starts or when it runsRamWizard frees your computer RAM faster and more efficiently than Windows does on its own!

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